Hi! It’s me Robert Weston. Instead of telling someone else what to write, or trying to write my own bio in the third person, I would just tell you my story myself. 🙂

I was a weird little kid with an amazing mom and one of those dads that always tried to push you to the next level. My mom knew one certainty in life…”practice makes perfect.” So she got rid of our TV and made sure we all set aside time for things like music, work, sports and school. When it was obvious that I didn’t have the patience to read sheet music, she still made me sit at the piano for 30-minutes every day and play whatever I wanted. So between my natural passion for music and my time at the piano, I began to cultivate my own way of playing music by ear.

I began performing when I was in the 4th grade. I was traveling the Southeast U.S. during high school and traveling the rest of the country while in college. In my 30’s I became the keyboard player/background vocalist for the legendary band which took my travels international. Life happened. Touring slowed down, and I began to work on my own recordings. Recently, I also met the girl of my dreams, Kirstin. We were married in November of 2014 and now reside in the small, quiet town of Milton Florida.

The only other thing I consider of note…is that YOU found this page and YOU are listening to my music. Thank you. I am truly humbled. So that’s the brief version of my music career. In between these lines are a multitude of people that encouraged, inspired, and sacrificed to get me where I am. I truly hope Life brings us together one day, so I can share these stories with you over a cup of coffee and a Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak. But, for now, I am not going to bore you anymore with written words.

-Robert Weston