by Robert Weston Gilliard

Jesus loves us. this we can know.
For the living, breathing word of God tells us so.

Jesus was and is that Word.
Spoken before the story could be heard.
Before we were created
His love was already stated.
Before we ever sinned
The payment was predestined

And to receive such a blessing
Contingent on a mere confession:
That I am a sinner destined to strife
And Jesus is the Way the Truth and the life

But oh, what a blessed thought!
That this was always the plot:
To take my place upon the cross
And make me a son, Through such loss.

That a tomb would give birth to an eternal promise.
That sin is defeated and its wages evade us.
Through every season, this i can trust
How ever extreme, how ever unjust
I can now sing, the song of the ages:
“Before we knew Him…Oh how He loved us”

So I will praise Him ’til I am breathless
For nothing about my God is reckless.
His love is sovereign throughout the ages.
His mercy is written in history’s pages.

Oh what little we can comprehend
For what we know is only part of Him.
Today we sing our song in faith
But we will see him face to face.
Joined with loved ones gone before us
We will sing together…”Oh how he loves us”