“God is Love.” Our culture has really grabbed onto those three words found in Scripture. We use it to excuse any measure of sin and ignore the rest of the Bible.  The problem is…we (as a culture) have subconsciously replaced the word “Love” with “Lust” And without knowing we’ve shifted our priorities from eternal to carnal. In so doing, and without realizing it, we’re actually saying, “Lust is my God.”

So how do we explain “God is Love” to our carnal minds?

Imagine Love so pure…so pure that it shines brighter than anything you have ever seen. For lack of a better word, let’s use the word “Holy.” And,what we know of anything that is pure or holy, is that it can not come in contact with anything less than perfection.  Not because it is weak…rather the opposite. See, with light comes heat. A heat so all consuming that by nature anything in its presence that is unholy would be burned up just by merely stepping into its light.


And we are that impure particle and we WILL stand before that light to give an account of everything we did in this body and the life He gave us.
> Every evil thought our mind devised
> Every wicked work our hands pursued
> Every unholy thing we let our eyes gaze upon
> Every word we used to hurt and destroy.

So we have 2 choices…you can either:

1. Charge this consuming Light in arrogance…shouting “I did my best!”

Or, Imagine with me…

2. You recognize your situation, and hide behind the only safe place you can find. As you huddle in the shadow, you look up to realize you have found refuge in a wooden cross, you reach out and hold on to it; because, your very soul depends on staying in it’s shadow! The warmth and wet texture under your hand surprises you. You pull your hand away to discover that cross is covered in blood and it is now on your hand. Your mind begins to swirl as your thoughts begin to put things together. The wooden cross is not consumed because it is covered by this blood. This blood is as pure as the light. This blood is the only substance that has the power to withstand the presence of this holy perfect love.

With this discovery, any squeamish fear of blood fades away. You accept that this substance is pure. That it is a source of life eternal and acceptance by this all-consuming source of Love, Light and Holiness. So with total abandon, you reach out for more…to cover yourself in the protection of this blood.

As your hand reaches for the cross it enters your eyes’ focus, you see that something supernatural is happening. Activated by your faith and trust,the blood is transforming your body. Changing you into something new…something clean. Now you know love. Now that love is inside you. Now that love is something to pursue or draw near. You no longer have to hide.


He died on a cross for us. His blood can make us clean. When we give up our efforts to cleanse our self and let Jesus’ blood cover us, we become His. When our life ends and we stand before a Holy God, He doesn’t see our sin. He sees the blood of His Son, and He has already accepted this offering when He raised Christ from the grave!
“I Need You More” by Kim Walker

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